Currently, it is estimated that the world creates 240 million tons of eWaste per year. Of that 240 million tons, only 24 million tons (10 percent) actually gets recycled or reused.

Of that 10 percent, most is not recycled or reused at all, but rather shipped to developing countries who are unknowledgeable about what to do with it or the environmental impact that eWaste creates.

100% Domestic

ZLOOP Recycling Solutions provides end-of-life recycling services that eliminate all downstream liabilities for their customers.

Utilizing a unique array of machines, ZLOOP is able to domestically transform all electronics into feeder-stock commodities. Launch Site

ZLOOP was founded in 2012 on the principals of:
1) Education, 2) Simplification and 3) Principled Corporate Behavior.


Utilizing real-time weight measurements from every output conveyor ZLOOP is able to provide real-time mass balancing as well as 24/7 access to audit reports via ZLOOP’s customer portal.

Additionally, utilizing Samsung’s iPolis camera technology, ZLOOP is able to provide customers visual access when their product is running. Launch Site

Landfill Free

100% Landfill Free™ isn't easy and it's certainly not free. It's a commitment that our partners must make with Zloop.

100% Landfill Free™ requires that all produced non-salable, including waste dust and tailings, be disposed of or destroyed by incineration per federal, state and local rules. Launch Site

Zloop knows that if you want to change government, corporate and individual behavior, make it simple to do the right thing. Zloop is doing just that: making eWaste recycling easy. Zloop provides all levels of government with secure, fast and audited data destruction services, as well as end-of-life recycling of outdated or out-modeled electronics of all types.

Zloop makes it easy for large corporations and small businesses alike. Zloop is fully compliant with all federal, state and local government regulations for the safe and secure destruction of highly sensitive data.

Flawless Execution

Together, Zloop’s unique process will provide OEM’s to Consumer’s peace-of-mind that their products and information are fully destroyed and recycled in the US.

Zloop has the following International Industry Standards Certifications: ISO 9001:2008; ISO 1400:2004; OHSAS 18001:2007; Responsible Recycling© (R2) Rev. 7/201. Launch Site

Zloop ensures that everything we say is how we behave. We accomplish that through Flawless Execution™ and 100% Domestic Transformation™. Simply put, working with Zloop for your end-of-life recycling is easy.

The audit trail starts with Zloop and ends with Zloop. We provide 100% Transparency™ 24/7 through our partner audit portal and visual real-time proof through our camera network. Zloop is also 100% Landfill Free™ guaranteeing that every pound in is accounted for and properly disposed of.

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